Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ch ch ch changes

Back in February, my former company went through a restructuring and I found myself at a crossroads.   had a couple months to figure out what I was going to do.  Was it time to hang up the technology hat and move on to something else, like retirement.  Did some soul searching with my wife and figured I was not ready to stop playing in this sandbox.  Now it came down to being independent, consulting in the mobile space or working to find another corporate position.  Planned for the former and worked the latter.

As the head of IT for a mid-size enterprise, you get to know a LOT of people in your profession and specially other CIO's and CTO's.  You also have a great network of vendors and consultants that you work with on a regular basis.  These folks become your base for keeping linked to the whole ecosystem.

The independent route looked great.  There are a lot of organizations out there that want to embrace mobility in some way but aren't exactly sure how to go about moving forward.  BYOT, Cloud, and the whole consumerization of IT bring a ton of opportunities to the enterprise that could turn out good or bad based on whether you try to stop it, control it or stick your head in the sand and ignore it.  I have developed a two day workshop to help a business start down the path of linking a mobile strategy to their business strategy and goals.  Several companies I approached were very interested in doing this workshop.

Then along come other possibilities including consulting for large company in a group targeted to strategic use of new technologies.  Talking with the business manager of this brand new group revealed the possibility of a small group of high level experts working with businesses to determine the value and architecture of the new technologies.  This could be a great opportunity.

Another position was CTO for a brand new VC company.  And brand new means they were still in the process of the legal structuring of the company including the whole IP ownship area.  Working with a number of startups and some very smart "kids" would be extremely exciting.  I worked in a software startup a number of years ago and remember the energy that was generated there and how contagious it was.

While pursuing these as well as a couple other positions that looked interesting, there was a hit on my LinkedIn page.  A headhunter contacted me concerning a leadership position here in St Louis.  This role was to drive the workforce mobility effort in a large multinational consumer facing company.   Now this also sounded quite interesting.  A large company ready to embrace all the things that I believe will be game changers for business and IT.  I went in for a couple interviews and felt there was definitely a good fit here for my skills, background and expertise.  The goal was not going to be easy.  With new technologies there are always issues that need to be addressed, parts of the organization that need to be brought on board, and most importantly, real goals, measures, policies and service agreements to be written before any architecture or technology decisions.  The real interesting thing in this particular arena is that you cannot take a long time to make these decisions.  If you do, the technology will have already moved to the next iteration.  Organizations need to be nimble, looking for quick hits that can move their mobility strategy forward

This company sounded like they were ready to do that.

I accepted the position and will be starting early in June.  This is going to be great.  Once I am there and running, I'll tell you more.


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