Monday, April 9, 2012

Mobile IS a reality

I have a friend at the church I attend, we'll call her Sara.  Sara is not exactly a luddite or even a techno-phobe but I would not call her a leading edge kind of gal.  She spent years at AT&T so she has been around technology just not intimate with it the way some are.  She is becoming a digital immigrant.  Her immigration status took a big leap lately.

She now has an iPhone and it using it for more than voice.  Sara is an avid reader and uses our St Louis County Library system.  She was telling me how great Overdrive and the Kindle app are on her phone.  Checking out books and reading them on her iPhone is now a regular activity.

This is another indication of the ubiquity of these mobile devices AND how they are being used.  This is more bandwidth, more data, more eyes on the screen, more often.  It's no longer a "nerd" thing to pull up your phone to answer a question about almost anything.  Looking at my own phone and the apps that I use most frequently I am a little surprised at how many of them are there.  Sure all the regulars like mail, calendar, Safari and Messages, but there are others like Clock Radio (my alarm clock), GroupMe (group texting, we use it for our family), Music, ESPN ScoreCenter, Dropbox, Latitude, foursquare, Evernote, Camera!, Camera+, Google+, AppsGoneFree, AppDeals, Chomp (those three are for finding deals on apps for iOS), 1Password, Flipboard, Cyclemeter (my bike ride tracking), QuickVoice (capturing interviews), FeedlerPro and still there are more in the tray.

Check out your own active app tray and see what you've touched since the last time you rebooted you phone.  You might be surprised.

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