Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Did you think of these BEFORE you rolled out mobile?

Plan before rolling out devices.  It isn't just as easy as giving someone an iPad or Asus Transformer or other tablet device or even smartphones iOS or Android flavored.  Here is just a FEW of the things you need to be thinking about BEFORE you roll these out to the organization.  These are all part of a general mobile strategy and are defined by an overall architecture that can deliver on the requirements an organization defines.

1. Determine how they should be used
    What is the value they bring?
    How are you going to measure that value?
    Do you have enough WiFi bandwidth in the office?
    Who pays for the 3/4G connections?
2. What apps?
    What is the business process they enable?
    What applications should people load/pay for/use
    Will you monitor those apps?
3. TCO - no cheaper than laptops
    Cost of the device
    Accessories (cover, stylus, keyboard, cables, external batteries, etc)
    Cost of the software?
    Cost of the usage (WiFi by the connection, 3/4G data, roaming etc)
4. Support and Security
    Helpdesk support
    App delivery
    Custom app development (tools, integration, delivery)
    Application debug, analysis and performance
    Virus/Malware protection
    Lost/Stolen devices

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