Friday, April 6, 2012

Cocktails for Developers

The landscape for mobile as well as web development has shifted again.  Yahoo has release Mohito to the Open Source community.

Developers now have the a number of choices of products to build an application that can be deployed either as a device dependent mobile app, a web based app or a hybrid app that can be built for multiple hardware platforms from one set of code.  This one, Mohito, has been there for a while but now Yahoo has released it to the Open Source Community under the BSD Licensing.  This is a great thing for developers

Now along with tools such as Sybase Unwired Platform, Sencha and several others the opportunity to build great apps is expanded.  I am always joking with my wife that there is an "app for that" is becoming the reality for almost anything and everything. AND the cost of entry is dropping precipitously.  The OpenSource tools are supported by rich vibrant communities.

The skill set required to build these apps is moving from being purely web skills (html5, css, javascript) to include new IDE's (integrated development environment) as well as other tools.

Just on the CSS side of the house there are a number of tools the professional developer can use.  Here is a very short list from a ton of them out there.

  • CSS Lint to hurt your feelings and help you code better
  • Compass CSS Authoring Framework
  • SASS extension of CSS3 adding nested rules, variables, mixins, selector inheritance and more

Javascript has just as many tools and libraries to use.  The development IDE's typically support them.

  • JSLint to again hurt your feelings and help you code better.
  • jQuery UI develop user interfaces
The message seems to be, websites turn into web apps turn into mobile apps turn into whatever is next.  Anyone could build a website, not anyone can build an app. Of course, their are expectations from the end user whether they are consumer or enterprise that turn this back to a professional development effort that requires significant knowledge and skills to do effectively and efficiently.  See my blog AppDev is hard, difficult and rewarding (mostly)

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