Thursday, March 22, 2012

Where's my Ice Cream Sandwich ???

Last week Google published their latest data on what versions of Android are running out there in the field.  You can check out their data here:  Platform Versions | Android Developers

IF (and it is not looking good or at least soon) Google DOES purchase Motorola there could be a positive outcome for all of the Android users.  These devices all lag behind in OS versions for a number of reasons in my opinion, a couple of them are:

  1. Vendors felt they needed to add something to the UI to make it better.  These changes are linked into the OS so that any change to the OS would require significant modification and testing to again make it compatible.  This requires extra time and effort and $$.
  2. If the vendor upgrades the OS too quickly, the consumer might not abandon that device as quickly to upgrade to a newer one.  This means more money in the vendor pocket.
Now if Google owned 30% of the hardware market, abandoned the UI mods that Motorola was doing (Motoblur or Motoblah or something like that ;-) and started to deploy native Android skins, the upgrade processes could be shortened and newer versions of the OS would become more prevalent on devices similar to how they work on iOS.

If Moto was doing this it would put pressure on the other hardware providers to speed up their upgrade processes in order to gain the mindshare of those folks pushing for the latest and greatest versions.  They are also the most vocal on what is good, bad or indifferent about them.

Just sayin'.

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