Saturday, March 3, 2012

Welcome to Dave Ploch on Mobility

Here we go. After 30 years in industry advancing from application developer, development team manager, commercial product development manager, IT manager and eventually IT Director and CIO, it's a new day and a new beginning for me, Dave Ploch and 2WheelTech.

I am beginning a consulting practice that will focus on Mobile Strategies, Mobile Technologies and Mobile Architectures.  For the last 10 years I have been accountable for numerous project with mobility as a significant component.  These have all been global implementation adding yet another challenging component.  The projects include MPLS, internal WiFi, vpn, email, video conferencing, web conferencing, ecommerce, web hosting and application development.  The application development necessarily includes the selection and design and deployment of both a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) and Mobile Device Management (MDM).

I am designing various workshops that can be tuned for specific businesses to help them find a path forward with mobile technology that can show direct benefit.  These workshops will guide them through the mapping of business strategy to mobile strategy and to a mobile architecture.  The work products will include a road map forward to deploy an architecture and define and prioritize any mobile process that would benefit from mobility.  These could include both internal processes as well as customer facing.

None of these could be done without first understanding the corporate business strategy and mapping that to key capabilities along with KPI's to assure goals are being met.

In this blog I will be commenting on these experiences as well watching industry trends, technology advances and vendor products.  Expect me to roam far and wide with technology since mobile will also deal with development, cloud, security, applications, ERP, CRM, and numerous other information technology areas.

Just got back from Mobile Insider and their SAP Mobility 2012 and have a lot of things to talk about after talking with vendors, SAP, Sybase and numerous customers either dipping their feet into mobility or are already down the road in their implementation.

Hope you will comment on these and we can start a conversation on the topics.

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