Friday, March 16, 2012

Tablet Control in the Enterprise

Just read Quickoffice releases ProSelect HD, targeted at enterprise administrators  over at TUAW. The article is about a new offering from the Quickoffice folks targeted at enterprise admins to enable this product but lock down HOW their users store, collaborate or otherwise use the files.

I understand the need to have some control in the content within the enterprise.  As a CIO I had to deal with these issues on laptops and recently on smart devices.  It is NOT EASY nor is it completely productive.  The greatest thing about the new technologies (iPad, iPhone, Android tablets, etc, etc, etc) is that they give people options to accomplish the tasks they have.

Sure, there are still a LOT of folks in industry who don't get it.  These are the same people who use their phone purely as a phone or only bring out the laptop when they HAVE to.  It is not a part of their daily pattern.
Then there is everyone else.  My daughter is a technology coordinator for a school district just outside Houston.  She has given seminars on the topic of "Digital Natives vs Digital Immigrants".  The natives see these devices not as technology but THE WAY they do everything.  It is their communication platform, a component of their learning platform and certainly a piece of their entertainment.  They EXPECT a company to give them access via this tool, what ever brand, OS or flavor.

The announcement from Quickoffice SEEMS to go against this and might be an impediment to getting good, innovative, creative employees.  Maybe the control mechanisms should be based not in technology but in policy that allows for creativity.

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